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iRay Advanced Material Technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary held by iRay Technology Company Limited. The company has modern standard production workshops and office areas, complete supply chain and quality management system.

All the members of the company's core team hold master's and doctoral degrees from key universities at home and abroad, and have rich experience and a solid theoretical foundation in the field of scintillation crystals, scintillation ceramics and radiation detector technology development and application.

At present, the company has more than ten species of products with independent intellectual property rights.The company's main products include four series.

☉Scintillation crystal series: cadmium tungstate (CdWO4)、cesium iodide (CsI)、GAGG、etc

☉Scintillation ceramic series: GOS scintillation ceramics

☉PD detection module series: 6404 monocrystalline silicon PD modules、 6401 amorphous silicon modules

☉Detectors and detection systems: LDA-6404 detectors、LDA-6401 detectors、 CD08 detectors


The company's main products include scintillation crystals, scintillation ceramics, PD detection modules, etc., which are widely used in medical devices, security check and protection, industrial non-destructive testing, food safety testing, radiation detection, and other industries.They are all strategic key industries supported by the state.Focusing on scientific and technological innovation, following the quality-first principle, and led by the market, iRay Advanced Material Technology has always been dedicated to providing customers with one-stop radiation imaging solutions.

Development Milestones
Registered in Taicang Port Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2017
Product release
Production ramp-up for 3 scintillator product lines R&D for PD modules and LDA detectors
Mass production
Mass production for 3 scintillator product lines Big orders for 1.6mm PD/LDA product
Rapid developping
Start R&D for multi-application products Provide one-stop solution
Team and Honors

Among the company’s employees, it has 1 "National Expert", 1 "Suzhou Leading Talent", 1 "Innovative and Entrepreneurial Doctor", 3 "Suzhou Key Industry Talents", 3 with PhDs and higher, and 3 with bachelor and master degrees. Over 60% of the core management and R&D personnel hold a master's degree or above.

In 2018, it was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Enterprise with Scientific and Technological Talents" in Taicang Port Economic Development Zone.

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