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  • Baggage Security Check

    Security checks are an important role in people's travels. Their main purpose is to check whether passengers and their luggage carry dangerous items such as firearms, ammunition, explosives, corrosive articles, toxic substances, radioactive materials, or the like, so as to ensure the safety of public facilities and passengers. The detector provided by iRay Advanced Material Technology is the core component of security check systems. It is high resolution, low noise, with stable performance, and is able to work for long periods in various harsh environments. The detector can be equipped with amorphous silicon PD modules and monocrystalline silicon PD modules, while the scintillator is available in single crystal, ceramic and thin film types.

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  • High-end Medical Imaging

    CT examination is of very high diagnostic value to central nervous system diseases, head and neck diseases, and chest diseases. The CT detector determines the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, while the key part of the detector is scintillation crystals or fluorescent materials that convert incident invisible X-rays into visible light to complete subsequent imaging. At present, the main scintillation material of CT detectors is rare earth ceramics. iRay Advanced Material Technology supplies GOS ceramic arrays of various specifications according to customer needs.

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  • Vehicle and Container Check

    Large-scale security check equipment enable customs, anti-smuggling, public security and other departments in seaports, wharfs, transportation hubs, highway checkpoints, bonded areas and other places to quickly carry out unpacking check of container cargo, empty containers, trucks and containers against smuggling and stowaways, thereby achieving 100% check. This type of security equipment has high energy and requires a scintillator with high light output and low afterglow. The commonly used material is CdWO4 crystal.iRayAM has the capability for production of 2 tons CdWO4 crystal per year, and can process crystal arrays of various specifications.

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  • Industrial Non-destructive Inspection

    Butt joints and fillet welds formed by various fusion welding methods and some other special structural workpieces require qualification of quality by non-destructive testing methods. iRay Advanced Material Technology supplies detector modules for use in non-destructive inspection systems.

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  • Food Safety Testing

    Food safety has always been a major issue related to life and health. In the field of food production and processing, the rapid and accurate detection of foreign objects in food, including metal, glass, plastic, bone and other high-density impurities, is the key to ensuring product quality control. X-ray detection has a wide range of applications in this field, which can quickly image and locate foreign objects in production lines and process correspondingly.

    iRay Advanced Material Technology provides a complete solution specifically for food safety inspection, which includes detector cards of 0.8mm pixels and below, fast reading circuit system, and high-reliability integrated detectors. It possesses the advantages of high precision, high speed, and high reliability, and can be used as a whole, or as a combination of multiple detector cards to suit a specific line scan width. It is applicable for food raw materials and various packaged foods in different fields such as online quality inspection, foreign object detection, empty package detection, defect detection, and so on.

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  • High Energy Physics

    In large scientific projects that push the boundaries of our knowledge, such as the electron-positron collider, the scintillation material is the core unit of the detector, and it serves as the eye of the large scientific equipment to recognize the world. Among all scintillation materials, CsI crystal is one of the most widely used materials.

    iRay Advanced Material Technology has an annual production capacity of 2 tons of high-quality cesium iodide crystals. Its cesium iodide crystal products feature  low afterglow, good uniformity and strong radiation hardness ability, and thus are suitable for application in high-energy physical tests. Our company has built a complete processing line of deliquescent crystals, which can provide products of various complex shapes such as linear array, 2D array, and cylinder.

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